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Having previously released an unofficial version, filmmaker and photographer extraordinaire Matt Sav, who created both videos, has delivered a uniquely wonderful visual version of RUN.

Featuring stock footage, a bucketload of lycra and a bit of casual exercise, Sav really took the lyric "I can be all that you want" and just went with it.

"That's what was in my head for the most part. We are all multidimensional, even if we don't seem like it".

And the inspiration behind the lyrca unitards? All Sav's idea. One day whilst driving, he was blinded by the early morning sun as he cleaned the windscreen. "In a split second, I saw it. A man with round sunglasses wearing a shiny golden unitard, not moving much, but looking majestic. Like a lion". It was then he decided that the whole band had to wear unitards, which he had custom made. 

Sav created a brief to provide 15 seconds of footage or animation and sent it out to a bunch of filmmakers whom either he knew or was a fan of their work. The footage featured in the video has come from all around the globe.

When asked for a one word description of the clip, here's what the band had to say:

Nick: Mintox
Jordi: Haveanopenmind
Josh: Whammy!
Scarlett: Internet